EUROTOPICS: How to fight the fires in the Amazon? Meat guzzling Europe must do more

The rainforest has to make way for the Brazilian cattle earmarked for the European market. An export ban, as Finland is proposing, would only hurt the Brazilian farmers. We need an economic and ecological alternative. Brazil generated 6.5 billion dollars last year with cattle. That’s peanuts compared with the EU’s agricultural spending of 50 billion dollars. Helping out would pay off. If we were just a little rational about our consumption, Europe would not even have to give up beef.
— Miloš Balabán in his article "Brazilian fires and wellfare Europe"


The Head of our Center, Miloš Balabán , regularly comments on currently pressing world events in Czech daily newspaper Právo and the press review European press roundup cites his articles on a regular basis.

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